Merry Christmas & Happy New Years

Merry Christmas!

So much has happend during these last few months in Naples so make sure to put extra marshmellows in your hot coco and enjoy a couple fun pictures and stories of whats been happening these past couple months.


In September we moved into a cute little apartment that is about a fifteen minute walk from Hannah’s work which gives us the ability to visit and eat lunch with her.

Her time working with St. Matthews House has been getting busier during this holiday season when people are more prompted to give but there has been amazing things happening. On thanksgiving day she volunteered her time at the shelter. In October she filmed and edited a video for the Recovery Program graduation with the communications and marketing manager and she has two more videos to film by february.

Teagan is growing fast and is daily picking up new words and telling us things or asking questions. We are daily rolling in laughter by the things she does and says.

Over the last couple of months she has loved having a bunny and after multiple months of her going crazy reacting to dogs we decided to get her a dog. So meet Kopi the Shiba Inu she is a rescue and is slowly fitting in and loves playing with Teagan.

I’ve been working hard to get varying certifications in Online marketing and Blogging, Specifically in the Fashion and Style scene. For many years now God’s given Hannah and I a huge heart for those in the fashion and art world. Over the last couple months Gods been opening some amazing doors so I’ve begun changing my website to fit the more of a proffesional magazine type feel. Its our goal to be able to active12313864_1764149540475565_6008442979976763917_n in local and international arts and fashion events in order to be a bit of light. It’s our goal to help inspire art and ecourage creativity. We strive to be honest, real, and available to people involved in one of the biggest dog eat dog worlds.

Also a friend and I will be launching an online based creative company called Devenir Creative Studios with the goal to help small businesses and non profits get more traction by providing websites, social media consultations, graphic design, and much much more. It enables to do what God has called us to but also give us the freedom to travel to wherever we are needed.



Be praying for me as I am attending different events and building friendships locally and in the surrounding cities. For Hannah as she is preparing for the filming of the campaign video and preparing for event season with St. Matthew’s House.



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