Our Sandy Stomping Ground

We are excited to tell everyone that we are settling down here in Naples, Florida.

Originally we had come to Naples due to a a friend offering to bless us with free housing for a few months. Expecting to get writing done, take a few online classes, and do a little bit of ministry. We came with the mindset that Florida was just a resting place before we moved back full time into ministry never thinking our ministry would be here.
We arrived the middle of April and began attending Naples Vineyard Church, immediately made some friends and got involved. Within the next couple of weeks as we would meet up with people from the church we would get hints dropped here and there on how we should think about staying. Even our pastor eventually told us we should pray about staying. At first, we didn’t even acknowledge the fact that staying could be an option for us. It’s a pretty expensive place to live so we never gave it a second thought. We kept getting confirmation that we should stay here. To be honest we were pretty scared but we knew we had created good support system here and that we had created relationships that would encourage us stepping out into what God was calling us to do.
One of the things God has already opened a door for us was with Hannah’s new job position. One of our friends at church works for an organization here in Naples called St. Mathews House. She had told Hannah about a new job position opening up for a Data Entry Clerk position. We went on a tour of the facilities to see what they did and see their heart and mission. We were very impressed and it seemed like the perfect fit. Hannah had been thinking about a job that involved ministry. Even though our friend’s hand was in the process they said that Hannah did an amazing job in her interview and they probably would have hired her either way. Hannah has been working there for a week and is really enjoying the work and the people whom she’s working with and there are a lot of opportunities for growth within the company.
 Before we knew we were staying here in Naples we had compiled a list  of places we wanted to live possibly or what kind of job we would like. We both knew we wanted to be doing some form of ministry.  Since being here we have tried to involve ourselves with Vineyard Naples as much as possible. Hannah is helping out with youth and I am helping out with the social media, website and volunteering wherever I can. I have also been praying about being ordained through the church as well.
So as of right now our mission is Naples. We are steadily wanting this to be our home. This is where we are wanting to reach out to the community. Naples, is known as a very wealthy area to a lot of people but there are a lot of lower income families that live here. It’s a very beautiful place to live and there are really amazing people here but there is also a lot of people here that need to know more about God’s love for them. I have been creating local contacts using social media and we have been attending city events to meet new people. I’m also finishing upDSCN5969 with a digital Marking Diploma next week to be able to do better online consulting and make some extra income.
We are really excited to be able to set down roots here and we completely believe that its God’s doing. There are few things that we are in need of and we would love it if you guys would take a moment, pray for us, and also see how you could be involved.
A Few Prayer Requests-
Prayer for our church The Naples Vineyard
For the leaders and our pastor in our church
For Hannah and her job
Prayer for us to trust in God through the process of moving here.
For finding a cheap apartment
So as of right now with Hannah’s income and the projected amount of expenses we will need an extra $500 dollars a month to be able to live here. So we would love prayer for creative ways to be able to get that extra money, Hopefully I can find a few Media Consulting jobs, or to bring people into our lives who be willing to support us.
God has definitely done amazing things since we have been here and has really shown how good He is and that He is worthy of our trust.
-Hannah, Doren and Teagan  11143433_10154004101200558_1088268702432920051_n
We would love to hear from you and talk further about everything that has been going on so feel free to email us at hd_tripp@hotmail.com, message us on social media, or comment below.

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