Our Car Breaks Down In Cincinnati



So yesterday was crazy to say the least. I couldn’t just write what happened cause I’m honestly still processing it.
So here is the video of Teagan and I telling the story of what all happened yesterday.
In short our car’s clutch stuck we had to get it towed and it is having a new clutch ( which isn’t cheap) put in and the whole day I got to see God do some super crazy stuff in some amazing ways.
If you feel like youd like to give towards our trip or towards helping us pay to get the car fixed you can go to our
GoFundMe page http://www.gofundme.com/trippstourusa

The car broke down and then God started working.
The Insurance agent’s name was Angel then Jerry The Tow Truck driver goes out of his way to show me coffee shops and find me a trustworthy and cheap mechanic.


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