Tripps Tour The USA

gofundmevideo from Hannah Tripp on Vimeo.

So Hannah, Teagan and I are excited to announce starting the middle of February we will begin a three month tour of Eastern USA.
We will be taking Grafted Identity to a more one on one experience and writing about the people and the places along the way. Hannah will be launching a new coffee blog with an awesome twist.
We are so excited to be able to see more of the USA. Also to be able to make new friends, visit with old ones, and experience different cultures.
But we can’t do this alone. We need your help, support, and your favorite coffee shop locations.
For more info you can visit my webpage in my BIO or you can checkout our GoFundMe at

If you’d like to know where exactly we will be, would like to meet up, have a favorite specially coffee shop, or even just want to chat you can do so by emailing us at
Or Facebook, tweet, or Instagram
@grafted_identity (Doren Tripp)
Or @localboundusa (Hannah Tripp)


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